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"Up to nearly 10% of Americans may be infected with brain parasites found in undercooked meat. One example is the brain-invasive pork tapeworm, which is the most common cause of adult-onset epilepsy. Allergenic fish worms found in nearly two-thirds of retail fish tested can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. There have been migratory skin worms found in undercooked fish (like in sushi). Cheese may contain mites and maggots and organ meats may contain other worms. Nearly 95% of tested retail U.S. beef (including burgers) has been found to be parasite infested. The meat industry has responded to this problem by feeding arsenic to chickens and turkeys to reduce the parasite load; this arsenic may be linked to increased cancer risk in consumers, and adding bacteria-eating viruses to meat would not help one avoid the brain parasite, toxoplasma, the second leading cause of foodborne disease-related death in the United States. Being bitten by the external parasite, a lone star tick, may result in developing an allergy to meat." - Nutrition Facts

I know a lot of my clients that live in Canada are surprised to hear their symptoms may be due to having a parasite. We do NOT have to travel somewhere exotic to have a parasite in our system. Fortunately, my clients know that blood analysis gives them answers that sometimes we can't get from our current medical system. When we know the root cause of our imbalance we can make long term changes and thrive. 

What is a parasite?

By definition, it is an organism that lives and gets food from another organism. There are many different kinds which results in different symptoms. Some eat your food leaving you hungry, others feed off red blood cells causing low iron or they can lay eggs making you itchy and impacting your bowels. Some parasites can be seen with the naked eye, but the majority are microscopic.

How do you get one?

You can get parasites from contaminated drinking water, swallowing lake water, food, pets,  another person that has one, sharing cutlery and drinks. With respect to food, uncooked meat and seafood (raw sushi) is definitely a possible cause, but contaminated vegetables and fruit could also be a culprit.

There are many factors that determine why two people could drink the same water and only one gets a parasite. Having low HCL (stomach acid) is one reason someone may become infected with parasites because pathogens aren't killed. The pathogens can then migrate to the intestinal tract and even the bloodstream if leaky gut (tiny microscopic tears in the intestinal tract) is present.

What are the common symptoms?

- Weight loss
- Low nutrient levels, such as ferritin
- Itchy rectum
- Signs of liver congestion
- Teeth grinding
- Unexplained diarrhea, constipation, bloating or a change after food poisoning
- Skin rashes, eczema or psoriasis as skin is organ of detoxification
- Joint pain and arthritis
- Low energy (adrenals taxed) or brain fog  
- Sleep trouble
- Feeling anxious or forgetful

How do you test to confirm you have one?

I invite you to go to your GP and ask for a stool sample, however it's important to know that a parasite may not be expelled in that specific sample. Also, note parasites can be in stool, saliva, tissue and blood. Parasites are alive, but they also go into cycles of being dormant which makes Western testing hard. I work with clients based on their symptoms and have a detailed intake I use with clients ALL OVER THE WORLD.

If possible, Ido recommend Live and Dry Blood Analysis as I'm able to see signs of having parasites under the microscope.

I have had clients with a sensitivity to almost all foods, feel very anxious, low energy and have loose bowel movements. After supporting them through my parasite protocol all of those symptoms reduced or disappeared. It is very important to speak with your health practitioner (certified nutritionist or naturopath) to support you through this detoxification process. This will ensure it is safe for you, there are no contraindications as well as minimize any 'die off' symptoms.

A specific food, supplement and diet protocol will help you feel your best during the cleanse and after!


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