My Recovery Smoothie Bowl - Bruce's Roots



This is the perfect post workout smoothie bowl! Moving our body is so good for us, but it's important to recover properly and take rest days. Working out causes inflammation in the body so this smoothie is perfect since it has turmeric, known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also supports the liver and is very high in antioxidants. I choose to use a bottle of Nut Meg Mylk's delicious Indie which includes almonds, turmeric, bee pollen, cinnamon, black pepper and Himalayan pink salt.  To absorb curcumin, the active constituent in turmeric, we need a fat and black pepper so this nut mylk is perfect! Her mylk is the best nut mylk I've had, it's organic and it comes in a gorgeous bottle. If you have plain non-dairy mylk at home, feel free to use it and add organic turmeric spice or a chunk of the root. 

I've also included some protein powder to aid in muscle recovery. Post-workout meals should contain fast absorbing carbohydrates (fruit is great) with some protein. I'm going to write an entire post all about what to eat before, during and after workouts so stay tuned. For now, here is a delicious summer breakfast you can quickly blend after exercising. 


Serves one


  • frozen banana chunks, 1-2 bananas
  • frozen mango chunks, 1/2 cup
  • nut meg mylk the indie, to blend 
  • pumpkin seed protein powder, ok to substitute plain/vanilla plant-based protein
  • more cinnamon, obviously
  • 1 teaspoon coconut butter  
  • toppings of choice


1- how much nut mylk you need will vary based on how amazing your blender is. I have to add a little more than my foodie friends because I don't have a vitamix. start with a little and you can always add more. add remaining ingredients and top with what you have in your pantry: coconut shreds, chia seeds, nuts, hemp hearts, granola. 


I choose to keep it simple, but another option is to reduce the fruit and add vega one recovery powder in tropical flavour. It tastes great, contains turmeric, electrolytes and repairs muscle glycogen through carbohydrates. 




xx  Jordan