My goal is to help circumvent illness as well as support any current imbalances my client is experiencing through blood analysis, lifestyle changes and nutrition guidance. Each wellness plan is personalized to meet your health needs. I transform lives in one of the most important areas, health. 


Holistic Nutrition Consulting and Live Blood ANalysis

I help clients feel their best by creating an individualized plan with a focus on lifestyle and nutrition recommendations.  I will ask you about your diet as well as lifestyle, sleep, exercise, mindset and stress as these all impact one's health.  Some of the areas I'm most passionate about are digestion, Ayurveda, optimizing liver function,  illness preventionand plant-based nutrition.  My nutrition initial appointments include live blood analysis as this help us determine the best areas to support.

Using a lancet, I take a drop of blood and place it on a glass slide. I then analyze it under a dark field microscope and the client can see their imbalances on a TV screen.  Fasting for 12 hours is required before the test so bring your breakfast with you. For more information on an initial consultation read my blog post here

I think it's important to have a private space to meet therefore I rent out of a beautiful building in Gastown.  


DNA testing

As a DNA Practitioner, I take a swab of saliva and send it to DNA Power's lab. There are several different tests to choose from including diet, fitness, hormones, detoxification, inflammation, brain and methylation. I then meet with clients to discuss gene variations and give nutrition advice based on their detailed report.  Visit me in person or enter discount code: brucesroots on DNA Power's website! Most clients choose to add on a nutrition consult after receiving their DNA results to ensure they can apply this  life changing knowledge. You only need to do your DNA once, your health is worth it. 

"By knowing your genetic variations, you can learn where you may be predisposed to good or poor health related traits, and can take proactive steps to enhance wellbeing. It highlights how healthy diet, nutrition and exercise, can change or improve how your DNA functions. You receive personalized reports that show your unique gene composition and how it connects to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, fitness, health and disease."