2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Bruce's Roots

my face when drinking matcha . picture by folk fotos

my face when drinking matcha . picture by folk fotos

It’s back, the second year where I share my suggestions that will positively impact your friend or family members lives. The 2017 Holiday List included a lot of non traditional ideas, such as volunteering. This year, I’m going to keep it short, because it is all about the time we spend together. If you do want to give a gift, let’s make it one that improves their life!


I’m in no way an affiliate for Soar, but I love their matcha so much. A local North Vancouver company sourcing quality organic matcha, a green tea powder. I love the ceremonial for hot water matcha’s and I use the everyday for my adaptogen nut mylk lattes. Matcha also has many health benefits as it is high in antioxidant EGCg as well as amino acid L-Theanine which makes one feel relaxed. Matcha also helps with mood, memory, concentration, detoxification and contains chlorophyll, a powerful polyphenol. Soar will also donate to charity, not charge shipping fees and use compostable filler instead of plastic in their shipped boxes.


Knowing our genetic variations is powerful. How we choose to live our day to day does impact our health and that’s why I think knowing our variations is so fun. We can implement tips based on the detailed email test. I learned so much from the Total Power. As a DNA Power practitioner you can head right to their site by clicking here or you can buy a package on my site which includes the DNA test and a consult after we get your results. The diet/fitness combo and total power are the most popular. It’s way more informative than 23 as it’s about health and prevention. Over 250 markers are checked with total power so you can makes small changes today to get healthier or prevent illness.


I have only tried their candles and I am in love! Made in Tofino BC, this local company delivers with respect to amazing scents. My favourite is the calm scent which contains lavender, calendula and chamomile to help me chill the F out when stressed. Did you know they suggest lighting the candle then applying it to your body? Entirely vegan, organic, entirely natural scents, plastic and palm oil-free.


Continuing with self-care, what friend or family member wouldn’t love some luxury bath products? Harlow Skin, available at their store, Harlow Atelier, is affordable and makes me feel special. Right now, I'm currently obsessing over their lavender flower bath salts, rose tonic face spray and mint oil for the bath. Pro tip: get in the bath then add oils and salts so you get to breath in that calming smell.


The planet will love you if you bring your mug with you! Keep on in the car or your purse to ensure you have it with you. There is no reason we should be using a new paper cup and plastic lid daily. I currently have the Swell wide mouth and I love it, except it cannot go in the dishwasher. A couple of my friends are loving the Yeti because it can go in the dishwasher to keep it nice and clean. Another option for your desk at work is The Wall glass loose leaf mug by Boreal Wildcraft. The concept is genius as you just add your loose leaf tea without a bag and the wall on the mug ensures you don’t get any in your mouth.


This is the first year I’ve had tarot cards and I really enjoy choosing cards when I’m in the mood. I don’t own mindfulness cards, but I’ve seen them on Amazon and I think it would make a great stocking stuffer. We live such busy stressful lives, it’s nice to have a reminder to slow down. You could even add a crystal to the stocking.

moving my body and sweating at The Sweat Lab, on classpass too!

moving my body and sweating at The Sweat Lab, on classpass too!


Classpass changed my life, no joke. It helped me getting into fitness classes in my area, try new activities, meet new people and all for a reasonable price. The options vary from open gym time, to pilates reformer workouts to barre, spin, HIIT and yoga classes. The Sweat Lab, my favourite studio is now on Classpass if you like to workout 3-10 times a month. If you’re going more often, I’d suggest buying directly from the studios. Click here for $40 off your first month, so first month free! You can check to see if they are in your geographic area on their site.


Who doesn’t love food? You could cook or bake for someone, buy them a free month of Spud groceries (code brucesroots for your first order!) or take them out for a delicious meal. It’s the moments spent together we cherish most.


At $14.99, you can’t go wrong with my Winter Holiday E-Book. It includes 20 recipes that are warming for the cooler weather, all gluten-free and vegan. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Dessert are included. By purchasing, you get to try new recipes and improve your health. A plant-based diet is good for blood sugars, autoimmune disorders, increasing fiber for cardiovascular health and healthy elimination,  support cholesterol levels, decrease inflammation and have more ENERGY! 


This is the first year I’m offering gift cards for the holiday season. Email me at Jordan@brucesroots.com or head to BOOK to buy. GIVE HEALTH!

Remember to take care of you this holiday season.

With love,

Jordan, Bruce’s Roots