DNA Testing: Knowledge Is Power

explain below

explain below


Dna testing 101

DNA: or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person's body has the same DNA.

DNA codes genetic information for the transmission of inherited traits.

Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base. The four types of nitrogen bases are adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). 

Single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs (often called snips) are the most common type of genetic variation.

By understanding this information, you can take proactive steps to enhance your wellbeing. The good news is that through healthy diet, nutrition and exercise, you can change or improve how your DNA functions. - DNA Power

DNA Power mails you a kit which contains a swab, container and pre-paid shipping to the Canadian based lab. You follow the simple instructions and swab your mouth to get saliva and put it into the provided container. The detailed report is then emailed to you so you can begin making daily changes to support longevity. I recommend meeting or doing a phone consult with a holistic nutritionist so they can extract all the important gene variations and give you lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Testing our DNA allows us to determine if we are at risk for genetic diseases or a carrier of a genetic mutation that may get passed on to children. For instance, my body’s ability to eliminate estrogen and estrogen metabolites is very poor due to a 100% gene variation in Phase 2 (Hormone DNA test). I have no gene variation for metabolizing estrogen, however my genes aren’t set up to eliminate it. What does this mean? Well, this increases my risk for unregulated cell proliferation (think cancer) and tissue damage. In Phase 2, the liver is able to turn drugs, hormones and environmental toxins into water soluble substances that can be excreted from the body. If you don’t know already, the liver is one of my favourite organs to work with, read this blog here all about it!

What can I do to improve this and try to change the outcome?
- Eat foods high in antioxidants
- Ensure I’m getting lots of Vitamin B’s (Hello Pranin Organic, code brucesroots for 20% off!)
- Magnesium
- Avoid elevated homocysteine levels in blood (often from meat consumption)
- Focus on my liver and detoxification pathways: herbs for liver, movements, sweating, sauna ..
- Eating foods like broccoli that are good for my liver and detoxification pathways
- Ensuring I eat manganese rich foods since they’re an antioxidant, which fights free radical stress

DNA Power’s genetic testing zeros in on specific genes and genetic markers that have been scientifically proven to impact health, nutrition, fitness, and disease and that may vary between people. -DNA Power

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 4.52.22 PM.png

Another example I’ll share with you if from my Diet Power results regarding fats, see above picture. I have tons of genetic markers tested with no gene variations, but not in this section! I have several variations with respect to fat, especially how well I metabolize saturated fats. I’m talking about meat and dairy… even too many tropical oils.

The two genes tested:
APOA2: A critical part of the fat-burning process. Individuals carrying variations may crave foods with higher carbohydrates, proteins, and saturated fats.

APOE: Primarily produced by the liver and macrophages, it mediates cholesterol metabolism. The protein produced is involved in cardiovascular disease.

What can I do?
- Eat a plant-based diet or go vegan!
- Focus on eating whole foods versus processed
- Get my fat from other sources, such as monounsaturated or unsaturated fats

DNA POWER TOTAL has been discounted and 250 genetic markers are tested.

Two options:

1- book through me and get a phone call and wellness plan. The best option as I’ll tell you the main takeaways and give you tips and suggestions. Click here.

2- go through my referral link and do DNA test without a consult. Please use my referral link as I’m sharing as a more affordable option as I care about your health. Click here.

Any questions, feel free to comment below. I truly believe this is the future!

Jordan, RHN BA LBA