2017 Holiday Gift Giving Guide - The Bruce's Roots Way

Tara and I enjoying a special live breakfast filled with adaptogens

Tara and I enjoying a special live breakfast filled with adaptogens

It's December, wow time flies! The year is almost wrapping up which means the holiday season is upon us. My family and I stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago, but I know most society still does so here are some ideas to bring health into the lives of your loved ones. 


    I love my bamboo sheets so much it's hard to get out of bed. They are the softest sheets I've ever owned and they're a sustainable choice. Did you know bamboo sheets also help reduce bacteria, mold and odours? I got mine from Alamode Home and they were approximately $200. 
    This is an inexpensive gift and will bring joy. Have you tried JJ Bean's mint tea before? It is the mintiest tea I've ever tried. It's organic, fair-trade and you can also buy it in bulk. I love mint tea at night after supper when I'm craving something sweet. 
    My nightly ritual includes a bath with candles and palo santo. This helps me unwind and cope with any stress from my day. I'm so in love with my new Thymes Frasier Fir candle which has fir, cedarwood and sandalwood. In addition to candles that give beautiful light, I'm obsessed with the smell of palo santo, literally translated into holy wood, which is from a tree in South America. 
My gingerbread smoothie with Pranin Organic A to Z powder

My gingerbread smoothie with Pranin Organic A to Z powder

    Instead of taking a multi-vitamin, Iron pill, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C, I add Pranin Organic powders to my meals. You've probably heard about my love affair with this company before because these are made from organic whole foods that have been ground up. Your body recognizes this as food and they absorb easily without negative impacts, like constipation. I feel energized when I add these to my morning smoothie or hydrator. If you use code BRUCESROOTS you get 20% off every single online order! This is a Richmond, BC based company developed by a Naturopath. I also love that it comes in glass jars, versus plastic. 
    A test you only need to do once to discover your genetic variations for diet, fitness, detoxification, hormones, inflammation, methylation and brain power. If we know our genetic variations we can make smart changes and thrive. This holiday season DNA Power if offering an amazing deal, buy one diet and fitness test and get a second one half off with  promo code BRUCESROOTS300 to save $300. Or,  buy one total power and get the second half off with promo code BRUCESROOTS500 to save $500.


A special brunch at Nectar Juicery

A special brunch at Nectar Juicery

    Weather you're spending time with friends because their family is out of town or your with your fam jam, having brunch with lots of food and good conversation is guaranteed fun. Last week, I went to a special brunch at Nectar Juicery with 6 girlfriends and had a wonderful time. We ate live food with organic cold-pressed juice and talk about adaptogens, yoni eggs, Ayurveda and touched on crystals. I learned some of this in Holistic Nutrition school and love discussing it. This event must be booked in advance and would be ideal for anyone that wants to learn more about these ancient practices while eating nutrient dense foods. The cost per person is $50.
Zoey the Doberman

Zoey the Doberman


    Pets and Friends is a non profit organization that encourages pet owners visit people in need. This pet therapy program is perfect for animals that light up when in company of others. You can also donate money to help their BC program continue.


Summits of Hope hikers and the kids in Tanzania after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. 

Summits of Hope hikers and the kids in Tanzania after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. 


    My dad has climbed many mountains all over the world. When traveling to poor countries, you realize just how fortunate you are. My dad has been sponsoring a child with Plan International since once of his first summits. You could gift this to someone else or do it for yourself. If you're interesting in trekking, check out Summits of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to raising money to BC Children's Hospital. 
    For the athletic fashionable person in your life, keep it local by buying a Nine O'clock Gun hat. I have 3 hats and one toque and I love them all! I'm ok hiking with my pup in the pouring rain, but only if I'm wearing a hat to shield my face.
    Surprise your friend or family member to a workout class. What a great way to get pumped up before a killer workout. My favourite classes right now are Sarah's Hundreds class at The Distrikt Movement, Rebecca's Barre class at the North Vancouver location and Sweat's new circuit class which has rotating instructors. I also love spin and there are so many studios to choose from. Which place do you love to sweat it out at?
Matcha, my favourite way to start the day.

Matcha, my favourite way to start the day.

    This is the ideal gift for those wanting a boost of energy that doesn't make them
    jittery and keeps your blood sugar levels balanced.Ever since I quit coffee over a year ago, I've become a matcha addict.  It's loaded with antioxidants because you're consuming the entire leaf, versus steeping traditional green tea leaves. I'm not an ambassador for any matcha companies, but I really wish I was! I currently have 3 types of matcha at home and I'm having fun taste testing. I love Amoda's Activate blend with matcha, maca, siberian ginseng, green tea pollen, spirulina and vanilla. For ceremonial matcha, I currently own Withinus, Soar and My Matcha Life. Vancouver has so many matcha companies, it can be overwhelming. These are all high quality options from Japan which make them taste smoother versus bitter. To make a latte, I blend matcha with coconut butter, nut milk and medicinal mushrooms.

Happy Holidays friends, 

Jordan Bruce


* I'm a dna power and pranin organic affiliate. I would never recommend any products I didn't love and think you'd benefit from.