Local Brands I Love (discounts included!)

Adaptogen Smoothie with Pranin Organic

Adaptogen Smoothie with Pranin Organic

I love community and connection. I've been very lucky to work alongside some amazing local companies and I thought it would be nice to have them all in one blog post.

Keeping it local, sustainable and more affordable is something I strive for on the daily. 


1- Pranin Organic

I am so excited to be able to offer you a 20% off discount every single time you order on Pranin Organic with code brucesroots. This organic Richmond, BC based company is a whole food vitamin powder line. This means no fillers, capsules, artificial flavours, just whole foods! My favourite is the Vitamin B to support stress, increase energy and ensure my plant-based nutrition clients are getting all the essential vitamins. I also love their iron as it is easily absorbed, doesn't cause constipation and helps bring your ferritin levels up.

Code: brucesroots for 20% off every order

2 - SPUD

What can I say? I was connected with Spud before I became a nutritionist and am feeling so fortunate to have their support. This is an online organic grocery delivery company that lets you know how far your food has travelled to get to you. I'm all about reducing my environmental footprint, part of the reason I'm a plant eater. The contribution of the livestock sector to global greenhouse gas emissions exceeds that of transportation! If you are a first time Spud customer, you'll save $20 and you get free delivery on certain days. 

Code: brucesroots (or CRVAN-BRUJOR)


lost by choice tee by L/L

lost by choice tee by L/L


3- Lifestyle Over Luxury

Their brand name says it all, let's focus on the lifestyle we are living and not 'buying stuff.' To me, that means connecting with nature, hanging with people that are uplifting and make me smile and eating food I love. It means finding happiness in the moments and making memories, not in 'things.' Lifestyle Over Luxury is a dope clothing company run out of a van in Victoria BC. All their t-shirts are from companies that have been deemed imperfect or have no use for them. Jeff then brands the up-cycled tees with wonderful sayings like lost by choice. I have a bamboo silky soft tee and a baseball cap so far. I feel good supporting this line.

Code: brucesroots (this has ended, but I still love this company, updated April 2019)

4- Naked Coconuts 

I don't have a discount code, but they deserve a mention! I'm an ambassador for them, which means they support me. I spend a lot of time looking at research studies, cooking, photographing, sharing information on Instagram so I appreciate them supporting a small business. The best part? They make soy free gluten-free coconut based products and don't use monkeys to collect the coconuts. If you haven't heard of this, do a quick google search, it's pretty sad. Naked Coconuts is a Vancouver, BC based company and my go- to is the  vegan soy free 'soya sauce' on brown rice sushi. Follow along on my Instagram and Facebook page for a giveaway soon! I also have a new Facebook Group and if you want support from others or want to ask questions, please join.

5- Sun Potion

I LOVE this brand! They aren't exactly local as it is a US company, but they are my go to when it comes to adaptogens. Sun Potion has glass jars for their pots which reduces plastic waste. I have almost everything they make, but my favourites are: reishi, yin, triphala (goodbye constipation), he shou wu and ashtiba. I used to order this for clients as a wholesale distributer, but I ended up charging the same price as them. Their site is great and lists all the benefits of each potion. 

6- Glowing Orchid Organics

I’m so excited to include a NATURAL BEAUTY LINE. BC owned and locally made products that are kind to the planet, animals and our bodies is something I value. So far, I’ve tried their natural deodorant and it’s a GAME CHANGER. They come in a paper container, contain no water so they last 3-6 months (buy several for free shipping), no artificial fragrance or preservatives.

Code: brucesroots for 15% off every order

7- Wild Remedies

Did you know chaga is great for supporting a strong immune system, anti-cancer, very high in antioxidants making it a aging friendly powder? I love the Wild Remedies cinnamon chaga! Not only does it taste delicious, healthy, it’s sustainably sourced, locally owned and the packaging is gorgeous. Lady Chaga wants to give my readers 20% off with code brucesroots20 so take advantage of this premium caffeine free powder.


I've added all the websites into my post to make it super easy for you.

What are your favourite companies? I want to know! Maybe they will even be open to offering my readers a discount.


So much love.

In health and happiness,

Jordan - Bruce's Roots Wellness





This is 100% authentic and I love all these brands! A couple affiliate links are included to support the Bruce's Roots lifestyle.