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I would say I described myself as vegan for many years, over 6. It felt good and it was an easy way to describe the way I ate and my love of animals. Now, my feelings have shift a little and I dislike categories because I feel that  one may put added pressure on themselves and have to fit into a box. I know it's confusing for society when they can't fit you in categories so I continued saying vegan instead of meat and dairy free. After nutrition school, which isn't as plant forward as you would think, I continued eating all plants. Especially, after watching the local documentary salmon confidential about the ISA virus (go watch if you haven't seen it).

Have things shifted? A little. I still LOVE animals and care a lot about sustainability, but ...

This week, I ate wild salmon and felt a little guilt wash over me because I hadn't shared it with my community. I almost felt as if I was cheating.  So here I am , putting myself out there even though I am afraid of the judgment I may receive from others living the plant based life. I want to keep it real as it's unhealthy to have negative feelings towards food, my psychology background coming to the forefront here.  

Do I plan on eating salmon often? NO, the main reason I have avoided it all these years is because everyone eats it and we are going to wipe out the species. I may have it once a month if wild and in season. That is a lot better than most of the population!  I may never have it again, but my body was craving it and I had been ignoring it for months.

As of right now, I don't plan on eating meat or dairy because I could never kill them or torture them, I could never go hunting. I really don't ever see that changing.  If you can take care of animals, name them, love them, feed them, then kill them, then I respect that.  I personally can't and this blog is just about me and my feelings.

The majority of the population  has a big disconnect with where their food comes from and well, in my opinion that sucks.  I don't want to support the  animal agriculture industry, which is so sad and cruel.  

Animal agriculture is worse for global warming than the entire transportation industry! 

 I also don't like the texture or taste of meat and dairy. With meat, I find you have to season it with tons of spices (vegetables) to make it taste 'decent.' I can't imagine myself eating eggs again because I literally think about eating a baby chicken ... but again.. no categories here so who knows. 

IMG_5005 2.JPG

I hope you will continue to support me and those that make shifts in their diet to feel good as I am no longer thriving. I feel anxious if I don't eat often, a sign of imbalanced blood sugars and the protein and omega 3's were what my body wanted. I'm going to order some vegan DHA/EPA and maybe my cravings will go away : )

Please note, you can get all the protein required on a plant based diet and I have no intentions of including wild salmon often.

I'm still the veggie expert, I love animals and the planet.

In my eyes, a dog is the same as a pig and a horse or cow. They are all smart!

What did I eat?

BBQ dinner included: wild salmon, Naked Coconuts sesame teriyaki marinated portobello mushrooms with black pepper and garlic, sweet potato wedges in avocado oil and asparagus. 

 UPDATE: I’ve been living vegan for the last few months. More more occasional wild salmon or one off pasture raised egg when out. I will support clients in all forms of eating, but I know I’ll always advocate whole foods plant based.

xx   Jordan Bruce - Bruce's Roots



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