I’ve been getting lots of emails about this day 10 reset program focused on supporting the liver. I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick Q&A.

Do I need Facebook to join?

No, not at all. I can support you during the 10 day program via email:

Can I share the program with others?

If you live with someone else such as your partner, sure! It makes it more fun when meal prepping and cooking together. I respectfully ask you not to share with friends as many hours of work have gone into this program.

Is this only for people who haven’t worked with you 1:1?

No, even if you’ve seen me you’ll benefit from this. It comes with a 10 day meal plan, 40 vegan gluten-free recipes and a how to detox guide. It’s over 65 pages.

I don’t own a credit card, can I still buy the program?

Yes, of course. Just email me and once I’ve received an e-transfer I will send you the 3 PDF files.

Can I modify the recipes?

Definitely, this is for you! Try to follow as the foods I’ve included are intentional to support the liver.

Do I need to start on January 7th 2019?

No, do this when it works best for your schedule. The launch date is the 7th and I will be sharing Facebook and Intagram tips then.

Will this help with PCOS?

Yes, by supporting the liver we help our blood sugar levels. Listen to your body though!

When do I receive the program?

Immediately after purchasing you’ll get an email with a link. Viewing on your computer is best.

Why is the liver important to support?

In short, it has over 500 functions! By supporting it every other area in the body works better. Everything is connected and in today’s world are toxic load is quite high. See my blog posts on the liver for more.

Where can I buy your vitamin recommendations?

I’ve hyperlinked fullscript in the supplement section. If you head to my about section on my site,, and scroll down you’ll see a fullscript image. Click there and you’re in. I’ll also give you a 5% discount once I see you’ve signed up.

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More questions?

Feel free to email me.

I’m SO excited!