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 The liver one of my favourite organs because it has so many functions, about 500! I love supporting it because I see changes in so many other areas of the body. Our current diet of processed foods, sugar and high alcohol intake are all toxins to our liver which causes congestion. Picture a bucket with toxins and old hormones the liver needs to filter, picture it so full that it is now spilling over and now it’s hanging around in the body versus being excreted.

Did you know your liver is detoxifying every minute of every day?

It’s true, however we can support it by helping it work more efficiently by focusing on the detoxification pathways.

Our liver isn’t only impacted by what we eat. We must also consider what we breathe and put on our skin.

Phase One: Enzymes and oxygen are used to partially break down toxins in order to make them water-soluble for easier removal.

Phase Two: The processed toxins are combined with amino acids to prepare them for safe removal via watery fluids like bile and urine.

Phase one actually makes toxins more volatile and free radicals that are produced can damage the liver cells, if the burden is too high. I have a gene variation (email me if interested in DNA testing) and I’ve learned I need to support my liver due to Phase 1 not working as efficiently as it could.


  • White or yellow-coated tongue and/or bad breath

  • Feeling sluggish, tired and fatigued

  • Weight gain – especially around the abdomen

  • Cravings and/or blood sugar imbalances

  • Feeling nauseous after high fat meals

  • Pain on the right side of stomach

  • Weak digestion

  • Headaches

  • Itchy skin

  • Skin breakouts

  • Fatty liver

  • Eczema or rosacea

  • Quick to anger

  • Hormone imbalance

“Most environmental toxins overactivate in phase 1, and then exceed the capacity of your liver to complete the detoxification in phase 2. In other words, you develop excess phase 1 and slow phase 2. When that happens, you generate signs of toxicity, such as those above.” - Dr Gottfried


  • Eat foods high in antioxidants

    • Think COLOURFUL PLANTS: greens, berries, lemon, garnet yam, squash..

    • This will help fight that free radical stress created in Phase 1 of liver detoxification

  • Cruciferous vegetables for the win

    • With my 1:1 clients I suggest 3-5 times a week! Broccoli sprouts are next level

  • Water, it helps the body detoxify and we’re made up of mainly water. I always recommend filtered to reduce exposure to chlorine, parasites, metals and hormones (mainly from the birth control pill). I have the Santevia countertop system from Pure Pharmacy and they’re giving you 10% off with code brucesroots10. It’s also $10 off right now so you save big time!

    • Starting your day with warm lemon water is so helpful and may even stimulate a healthy bowel movement

  • Cut way down on alcohol for obvious reasons, it’s a toxin to our body

  • Sugar, refined sugar… avoid it, for now

  • Avoid inflammatory oils such as canola, corn, trans-fats and consume extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil. Be mindful of taking oils past their smoke point : )

  • Go plant-based. If we are eating animals we are consuming their hormones which is taxing to our liver. Animals are smart and they know they’re going to be killed in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and they release uric acid which humans then eat. Animals are also usually fed corn, soy, grains and antibiotics.

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Jordan, Bruce’s Roots