Ginger - why it rules & learn your dosha

ginger root

ginger root

Hello friends, 

Let's talk about GINGERZingiber Officinale.

I want to share why I love ginger root because my Fall theme on Instagram is about balancing my Ayurvedic Doshas. There are three types of Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  I'm primarily Vata and also Pitta, which explains why I'm often cold. I'm gravitating towards lots of warming foods and practices this season. Follow along on my Instagram for more tips!


Here is more information on the Dosha Vata courtesy of Banyan Botanicals

A vata-predominant individual's strengths and weaknesses both reflect these qualities.

  • In excess, the dry and rough qualities may manifest themselves as dry or brittle skin, lips, hair, nails, or bones (e.g. osteoporosis), as constipation, or as feeling "dry" emotionally.

  • The "light" quality may manifest itself as giving you a lanky physique but excess lightness may manifest as being underweight, having muscle wasting, light bones, insomnia, or feeling "spacey" or insecure.

  • The cold quality of vata may lead you to feel cold more easily than others around you, have cold hands and feet, and crave warmth.

  • The subtle quality may express itself as being introverted, creative, and having an active fantasy life.

  • The mobile quality may lead to a healthy ability to "multi-task" or, in excess, to scattered attention, a fidgety tendency, tremors, and nervousness. It may manifest as extremes; as in being very tall or very short or being drastically different weights at different times in your life.


Are you curious which Dosha you are? 



Ok, back to the amazing spice you probably have in your kitchen. 



  • Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy for motion sickness

  • Often used to support symptoms of arthritis, stomach upset and diarrhea

  • Can aid in reducing morning sickness

  • Can reduce nausea post-op (trust me, I know this first hand)

  • Helps with bloating and constipation

  • Supports the immune system

  • Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial

  • Reduce pain associated with menstruation

  • Improve diabetes

  • Decrease LDL, the cholesterol from animal fats

  • Can support pain associated with arthritis



Add a small knob of fresh ginger to your morning smoothie or in a cold-pressed juice. 

My favourite way is to bring a large pot of water to a soft boil with many chunks of ginger. Leave it for an hour or so. Strain, enjoy hot. Keep leftovers in the fridge as it's great cold too!

I also keep powder ginger in my pantry for cookies and no bake treats.


Do you love ginger? How do you include it in your diet? I often suggest ginger in the cold months to my nutrition clients to stay warm and support the immune system.

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