Chickpea Mash Sandwich with Sunflower Seed Butter


I was craving a chickpea mash hard so I whipped one up with what I had on hand. Inspired by Minimalist Baker recipe, it took me less than 10 minutes to make and I have leftovers!

I love chickpeas because they are high in protein, fibre, calcium, B6, magnesium, iron and potassium. Beans help stabilize my blood sugar levels because it's a carb with protein making me feel full longer. I also love the taste.

I recommend  buying dry beans in bulk (without plastic) or buying a canned brand that actually cooks their beans. Most companies have the cans going around on a conveyer belt then add steam and then immediately add the lid. This is not sponsored in any way, but I love Eden Organic because they are cooked and BPA free cans. 

As some of you know I dislike measuring and I love to just throw stuff together. I know that may not work for some of you, but hey, I'm helping you get creative in the kitchen. : ) 

I had a HUGE can of chickpeas I had used for salads for 2 work lunches so I decided to use the remaining beans for this sandwich, which left me with lots of awesome leftovers. If you can, you can just use a small can and eat it all up. 



- cooked chickpeas or canned
- sunflower seeds (if salted omit salt to mix), approximately 1/4 cup
- sunflower seed butter, approximately 2 tbsp
- fresh parsley, few sprigs
- black pepper and Himalayan salt to taste
- option to add in other veggies like chopped celery
- sandwich ingredients: avocado, sundried tomato, hummus, garlic cashew sauce, lettuce ...
- GF bread or naturally leavened artisanal bread from a bakery, such as Bad Dog Bread

1. use a fork or a good potato masher and go to town on the chickpeas mashing them in a big bowl
2.  Add sunflower seeds, sunflower seed butter (or use tahini, hummus, dairy free mayo), chopped parsley, salt and pepper and mix
3. Toast bread of choice
4. Layer your sandwich with hummus, I used Bob Ali peanut butter sweet potato
5. Continue layering and enjoy

Inspired by the Minimalist Baker


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xx  Jordan Bruce - Bruce's Roots